Why Laptop Shuts Down Without Warning

Everyone has experienced it. You are busy working, or watching a movie for a while, and suddenly your laptop shuts down without warning.

Of course this is a very annoying problem, but fortunately it can be solved very easily. Below we have listed the most common causes for a laptop to fail out of the blue. Feel free to look at all causes from top to bottom to see if this is your cause.

1. Overheating

Overheating is a common reason that can cause a laptop to fail out of the blue. Often laptops contain a failsafe, which automatically shuts them down when a certain temperature is reached. Here are the steps that could save your laptop for quite long.

In addition, overheating has a number of other characteristics:

  • Laptop makes noise
  • Programs you are running start to falter
  • You receive weird error pop-ups

Some of the reasons that can cause your laptop to overheat are:

  • Too much dust and other dirt in the fan
  • Processor overloaded
  • Outdated battery

Of course you will soon feel when your laptop gets very hot, but there are programs such as Speccy that allow you to view this easily.

2. Outdated Drivers

It can happen that outdated drivers are a reason for shutting down your laptop out of the blue. This is because hardware with outdated drivers can crash, causing your laptop to crash.

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