How to Play PS4 on a Laptop with HDMI

Being a gaming enthusiast, I completely understand the sentiments that force us to elevate our gaming experience. You always want to make it personalized by playing it on your laptop rather than on the TV screen displayed in the living room that you might often get free from other family members.

Well, for the idea of how to play ps4 on a laptop with HDMI, let me tell you that YES! You can connect your PS4 to your laptop with HDMI, within a few minutes, but the subject is a bit tricky. But, trust me once you will go through the article below, every step will get crystal clear for you.

Generally, there are two methods that you can follow to play PS4 on a laptop:

  1. Using Video Capturing Card [VCC]
  2. Using Remote Play

Let’s elaborate on both in-depth below.

1st Method:

Use a video capture card

Use a video capture card to Play PS4 on a Laptop with HDMI

It is the most convenient method, that involves just a few easy steps and here you are ready to enjoy your PS4 on your laptop screen. Let’s have a look:

Things Required:

  • PS4 console
  • Laptop
  • Video Capturing Card
  • Dual Functioning HDMI cable
  • Internet Of course… Wireless or Ethernet both will work fine.
  • Enable File sharing from your PS4 menu bar.

Steps to Follow:

Go to Settings in PS4 Menu:

Go to PS4 Menu>Settings>Network settings>Internet Connection. Turn on the internet connection and make sure that you are using the same internet connection for both PS4 and your Laptop. In case, if you don’t use a WI-FI connection then arrange to connect both devices on the same router via Ethernet cables. 

Connect your Video Capturing Card To PS4:

Use the USB port of your laptop and connect the video Capturing Card you bought. You find Different options for Video Capturing Cards in the market or online, buy the one that fulfills your requirements. Along with the card, you will also get software that you need to install on your computer so that VCC [Video Capturing Card] can run on the system.

It is always recommended to buy a premium quality VCC for the classical streaming of your game.

Use S- Video Connection Cable:

Now is the time to connect the Video Capturing Card with your PS4 console. For this connection, you need to use an S-Video Connection Cable and attach HDMI-out to your PS4 Console and HDMI –into the Video Capturing Card.

Turn on the PS4 Console and Run the VCC Application:

Now, power on your PS4 Gaming Console and open the Installed app or run the VCC software that you just installed, as described above. Once you will open the app, the software will automatically locate your PS4 and you will watch it appear on your laptop screen.

YAY! You are done here and your PS4 is ready for a premium resolution display on your laptop. Enjoy the game!

2nd Method:

Use Remote Play to Connect PS4 and Laptop:

Use Remote Play to Connect PS4 and Laptop

To level up the gaming experience, Sony itself introduces Remote Play software. This software was introduced to assist the user in streaming upon a WINDOW or MAC devices monitors, as they feel amused with. In addition to this remote play software, for game streaming on your laptop, you also require a few more things, as mentioned below.

Things Required:

  • PS4
  • A Laptop
  • Play Station Network Account
  • Premium Quality Internet Connection
  • Dual shock USB wireless adaptor/ USB cable

1: Download the Remote Play software:

To get the latest version of Remote Play Software, you need to check out the official website of the Sony brand, or else you can also download the remote play software by clicking here.

Once you are done with the download, install the software on your system and get it ready to run.

Keep your Remote Play software updated to the 3.50 version. You can easily do that manually, go to Settings> System Software Update, and here you are done.

Activate your PS4 For Remote Play Connection:

From the menu on your PS4 Console, go to Settings>Play Station Network > Account Management > Activate as Primary PS4- Enable.

As you will enable the Primary PS4 Setting in your console, you are ready for the next step.

Check Remote Play Connection Settings:

This step is crucial to activating the remote play setting in your PS4. In-Play station console goes to Settings>Remote Play Connection Settings- Enabled. You are required to enable the Remote Play Connection Setting option and meanwhile make sure that your console is powered on or at least in the rest mode for smooth streaming on your PC or MAC.

Set Features Available in Rest Mode:

Go to Settings> Power Save Settings> Set Features Available in Rest Mode> Turning on PS4 from Network- Enabled. You are required to enable the “Turning on PS4 from Network” option, to check the availability of your play station from the same network on your PC. Most often, this option is already activated in the settings but to be on the save side, you should check it out.

Remote Play App Settings:

As we are done with all the settings in our PS4 console, now switch to Remote Play App Settings that we downloaded in step1. Open the app, at the extreme left-hand side corner you will see the Settings option, click on Settings and adjust the settings related to resolution, graphics, screenplay, Frame per second, and much more. But be cautious, as the gaming Picture Resolution is completely dependent upon the quality and power of your PC.

Connect the PS4 Controller:

At this step, you need a USB cable or Dualshock 4 USB connector to build a connection between your PS4 controller and your laptop. For a wireless connection, you need to long-press the Share button on the controller of your play station, until the red light on it starts flashing.

As the light blinks and flashes, it means your controller is ready to get paired, immediately connect the controller with your laptop using the USB cable or connect the USB adaptor on the laptop USB port and hold it for a few seconds until the PS controller gets paired with the adapter.

Log in to Your Play station Credentials:

Now, you are almost done and ready to go! Open the Remote play app on your laptop that will automatically search out for your PlayStation and you will see a popup window on the screen asking you to log in. Login here with your Play station login details. Meanwhile, make sure that your PS console is turned on.


So, you do not need to worry about how to play ps4 on a laptop with HDMI, anymore. We have described in two convenient methods [using Video Capturing Card, using Remote Play] on how to play ps4 on the laptop with HDMI in a comprehensive manner. You can easily build the connection between your laptop and PS within no time, by following the steps mentioned above.

Well, as a gaming ghost, it’s my experience that using the Remote play method is a safer, easier, and more qualitative approach to connect your PlayStation with a laptop, as it is proposed by SONY itself. And, I recommend the same to you too!

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