How Much is My Laptop Worth? – Sell Your Old Laptop

If you’re planning to sell your old laptop one day, maybe you want to know how much it’s worth. Your reasons may be that you need money for daily expenses, or that your old laptop is hanging, and you want to replace it with a newer and more advanced model soon.

In addition, there may be many surplus desktop computers and notebook computers in your home. So you think that selling your old laptop is a reasonable idea.

How Much is My Laptop

After several years of using your used notebook, you may want to know how much it is now worth before you sell it. This brief explanation will help you understand how to determine the current price of your old laptop.

You can also use this article as an information base as it presents the important factors that influence the market value of the piece of technology. So you’ll learn the key considerations to check when estimating the price of your used laptop, and how to get the best value when you sell it.

Determining the current price of your laptop

If you are planning to sell your old laptop, keep in mind that the price you bought it for is not the same as the price you can sell it for today.

However, the parts can also become obsolete. In addition, every now and then better notebooks come on the market, which is faster and comes with newer and more relevant features.

You can get the best price for your used laptop by knowing its current cost. Here are three ways you can find out how much your old laptop is worth now.

1. Local Laptop Sellers

You can find local laptop vendors in the area where you live. These nearby stores can give you the most accurate and correct price of both old and newly released laptops based on your exact location.

After all, the cost of laptops strongly depends on where you are located. So when you visit your local laptop resellers, you can expect them to give you an accurate estimate of the value of your technology equipment.

Plus, the laptop vendors in your area can help you by checking your used computer for defects, so you can learn more about its actual value. In addition to selling old laptops, they can also give you more details about market trends, technical information, and many more essential details that you may need.

2. Ecommerce Sites

Bol and Amazon are among the best eCommerce websites to visit to determine how much your used laptop is costing right now. They are well-known online shopping portals where both old and brand new computers and notebooks are for sale.

In addition, you can refer to e-Commerce websites when comparing old laptop prices, as they may have a similar device to the one you have.

Determining the current price of your laptop

3. Online Calculators

Did you know that there are websites that offer a free online calculator that will help you determine the approximate current price of your used laptop? An example of this is

Online calculators can help you check the actual price of your old laptop now. In the portal, you just need to enter the model, make, condition, and other important data of your device, and the online calculators will automatically show you the current market price of your computer.

Characteristics of a laptop that determine the selling price

When you decide to sell your used laptop, there are factors that influence its market value. Appraisers and buyers usually assess the following aspects of your old laptop to determine its exact cost.

1. Age

It is best to remember that the price and life of a laptop decreases with the passage of time (here is how you can extend the life of your laptop). This reality is normal. The components of a laptop are deteriorating, and newer laptops come out that is faster and more powerful than their outdated predecessors.

In addition, your old laptop may be worthless, especially if you learn from your online research that it’s a model that the manufacturer has long withdrawn from the market.

2. Defects

The retail price of your old laptop may drop if it has obvious scratches and other visible damage. The buyers still pay for the benefit that the laptop offers, so a defect reduces its benefit.

If you notice that your used laptop has defects, it is best to report them to the buyer. This way he knows what to expect from your outdated notebook, without knocking on your door with the problems afterward.

Characteristics of a laptop that determine the selling price

3. Brand

The brand of your used laptop has a major impact on its market value. There are several computer companies that cater to different consumer demands with their brands, and that has a huge impact on the cost of your notebook.

These companies also spend varying amounts of money on advertising and marketing. They focus on their specialties when making promotions, as buyers have different priorities when it comes to laptop features.

4. Specifications

The parts of your old laptop and their functions determine the quality of your device. The following are primary factors that would determine the retail price of your used laptop.

Storage area

This hardware part of your used laptop has a big impact on its market value. It’s where you store everything on your device, even when it’s turned off.

The size of the internal storage is expressed in Gigabyte or GB and Terabyte or TB, where 1,000 GB is equal to 1 TB. You can get better value for your old laptop if it has a large storage capacity.

In addition, it will also be worth more if you have an SSD instead of an HDD.


The brain of your laptop is the central processing unit or CPU. This section is where all commands and functions are processed.


The quality of the CPU is measured by the clock frequency, expressed in gigahertz or GHz, and the number of cores, which is usually between 4 and 8. You can get more money selling your old laptop if the CPU runs fast or if it’s intel core i5 or i7 latest generation processors.


The laptop’s RAM (Random Access Memory) acts as a temporary storage place for the programs and files currently in use. Its quality is measured in Gigabytes or GB.

Remember that you can get more value for your old laptop if the RAM is higher. After all, this advantage means that it can hold more memory.


The Graphics Processing Unit or GPU of your used laptop functions in the same way as the CPU. But what sets the GPU and the CPU apart is that the former handles all the functions related to animation, graphics, and colors.

The GPU is measured in Gigabytes or GB. Keep in mind that you can get a higher value for your pre-owned laptop if it has a higher GPU, which translates to more power.

Your old laptop’s age, flaws, brand, and specs will all help you determine if you can get more money by selling your device. If you need help finding out these features of your used notebook, you can always get help from the laptop vendors near you. Plus, reading more articles online can give you more ideas on how best to sell your old laptop for a judicious price.

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