There are many people asking “What should I do if my computer or laptop screen is flickering?” The editor of laptops mafia summarized the relevant knowledge on fixing computer screen flickers, and now I will share it with you.

The reasons and solutions for laptop and computer screen Flickering mentioned in this article are mainly applicable to laptop screen flicker, desktop computer screen flicker, and laptop computer screen flicker. At the same time, we explained the reasons and solutions for the flickering of the computer screen, the black screen after the flickering of the computer screen, the reasons and solutions of flickering at the bottom of the computer screen, and the specific methods of how to adjust the flickering of the computer screen.

I remember a friend who was once troubled by computer screen flickering. I believe this is also a common problem encountered by many netizens in their daily lives. So what is going on with computer screen flickering? What should I do if my computer screen flickers? First of all, congratulations if you want to read this article of mine. This article will tell you all about the reason for the flickering of the brain screen in a comprehensive and systematic way. And to find out a variety of reasons that may cause computer screen flicker, the editor summarizes the following reasons and solutions for computer screen flicker, hoping to help everyone.

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The most common cause of computer screen flicker is usually due to poor contact and signal interference; secondly, the cause of computer screen flicker is because the screen refresh rate is too low and the graphics card driver; again, it is caused by poor quality power supply; the last problem is generally due to computer hardware problem.

The harm caused by laptops & computer screen flickering

Flickering Black Screen and Shaking

The flickering, black screen and shaking of the computer screen at the bottom of the computer screen will not only make your eyes tired quickly, but also cause eye problems to the user over time. If you don’t solve it in time, it will cause damage to your system, because the hidden problem of the system itself may be reflected in the phenomenon of screen jitter. In fact, there are many reasons that can cause the screen to shake, and it is not that difficult to solve it.

8 solutions to solve flickering laptops and computer screens

1: The solution to the flickering of the computer screen caused by poor contact.

First, check whether the power cords of the host and the monitor are connected securely. If they are loose, this kind of splash screen will appear.

2: The solution to the flickering of the computer screen caused by signal interference.

Whether the cable connecting the monitor has no shielding coil, if there is no anti-interference black bump, it will also interfere with the screen. What is the process of QQexternal.exe? Also check whether there is interference nearby, such as high-power audio, power transformer. The display is susceptible to interference from strong electric or magnetic fields.

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Sometimes horizontal lines on screen jitter is caused by the magnetic field or electric field near the display. In order to eliminate all interference around the monitor, you can move the computer to a table that is empty all around and then perform a power-on test. If the screen shake disappears, it means that there is a strong electric field or a strong magnetic field in the original place of your computer. ,

Please remove the suspicious things (such as the subwoofer of the speaker, the magnetized cup, etc.) from the computer. Then turn off the display and turn it back on several times to achieve the purpose of degaussing (the current display has an automatic degaussing function when it is turned on).

3: The solution to the flickering of the computer screen caused by the refresh rate of the screen.

Right-click on the desktop->Properties->Settings->Advanced->Monitor->Screen refresh rate, adjust the CRT to 75Hz or above (notebook LCD screen LCD can be adjusted to 60Hz). In fact, the main reason for the screen jitter of the monitor is that the refresh rate of the monitor is set to be lower than 75Hz. At this time, the screen will often shake and flicker. We only need to increase the refresh rate to 75Hz or more, then the computer screen will shake Won’t show up again.

4: Solution to the laptop screen blinking on and off the computer screen caused by incorrect graphics card driver.

Check if your graphics card is loose, try to uninstall the graphics card driver of your computer and install a stable version of the driver. Sometimes when we enter the computer’s monitor refresh rate, we find that there is no refresh rate to choose from. This is caused by the incorrect or too old driver of the front graphics card.

Computers purchased earlier are prone to this problem. At this time, do not use the driver in the CD-ROM when you purchased the computer. You can download the latest version of the driver for the corresponding graphics card from the Internet, then open the “System” properties window, and click Click the “Device Manager” button in the “Hardware” window to enter the system’s device list interface.

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Right-click the display card option in this interface, click the “Properties” command from the pop-up right-click menu and then click the “Driver” tab in the pop-up graphics card properties setting window, and then in the corresponding tab page Click the “Update Driver” button, follow the wizard prompts to gradually update the graphics card driver to the latest version, and finally restart the computer system. If the driver is installed properly, the display refresh frequency option will appear, and then refresh Setting the rate above 75Hz can solve the computer screen flicker.

5: The solution to the flickering of the computer screen caused by restoring the BIOS to factory settings.

Plug and unplug the memory and graphics card, and reinstall the full version of the operating system.

6: Solutions to computer screen flickering caused by poor-quality power supplies or aging power equipment.

The components and materials used by many other-brand computer power supplies are poor in workmanship and materials, which can easily cause the computer’s circuit to be unsmooth or the power supply capacity to keep up. When the system is busy, the display will especially display the phenomenon of computer screen jitter. The power supply must be replaced at this time.

7: Solutions to computer screen flicker caused by hardware problems such as monitors and graphics cards.

Sometimes due to the age of the monitor used, the jitter phenomenon may also occur. In order to check whether the electronic components inside the display are aging, the malfunctioning display can be connected to someone else’s computer for testing. If the malfunction still disappears, it means that the display is broken and needs to be repaired.

8: Solutions to computer screen flickering caused by viruses.

Some computer viruses can disrupt the screen display, such as: character inversion, screen jitter, and graphics flip display.

Other common phenomena and solutions for computer and laptop screen flicker

1: Reasons and solutions for the computer screen keeps flickering

When the computer is turned on, some of the monitors will keep shaking, sometimes even the icons and text will not be able to read clearly, but it returns to normal after a while. This situation is actually not serious, it is generally related to the weather, and the above-mentioned failures will occur when the display is damp. Just take moisture-proof measures.

2: Reasons and solutions for the black screen after the computer screen flickers

In this case, it is usually caused by a problem with the power supply circuit of the monitor, which is in a critically damaged state and is about to be damaged, but it is not completely damaged. The faulty component is very unstable. It is not far from complete damage. Take it for repair as soon as possible. !

If the power light is still on, is it a problem with the power supply circuit?

The power light is on, indicating that the power is on. This requirement is extremely low. As long as the voltage of 1.5V can drive the light. However, the liquid crystal display also has a high-voltage circuit power supply part, this voltage does not meet the requirements will cause the display to fail to light up normally. For example, 12V and so on. Will it work normally if it is only 10V or lower?

Just like a TV, the power supply part of the circuit has many outputs, any abnormal output will cause it to fail to work normally, even if the TV power supply light is on, can the screen light up if the high-voltage package power supply circuit is abnormal? Power supply.

The truth is so clear. I believe everyone will not understand! It should be the aging and leakage of the filter capacitor.

The reason for the flashing at the bottom of the computer screen?

The common causes of screen failures such as screen flicker and screen jitter are: first, the quality of the screen itself, the screen is aging or inferior, second, the screen line contact will not or damage, and the third mainboard screen power supply is abnormal or the graphics card BGA package chip is virtual. It is recommended that you send it to repair and check if the screen is damaged due to welding damage. Send to customer service for maintenance during the warranty period, free of charge (except for man-made damage)!

What should I do if the computer screen keeps flickering?

The settings are as follows (depending on your computer configuration):

Right-click on the desktop -> Properties -> Settings -> Advanced (button) -> Monitor. Select the refresh rate in the list box below, generally select 70.

The above points are some methods for the editor to consult a computer engineer to deal with the flickering of the LCD computer screen. If you encounter the above general problem of the computer screen flickering in your daily life, you can solve it by yourself. If there is a hardware problem, you can find a professional to repair it. Next, I wish everyone a happy life!

Final Words

This article is meant to fix your problems with your laptop’s computer, tablet, and mobile devices. I hope you read the whole thing carefully and apply it to fix the screen flickering…