If you are a fanatic gamer then you cannot do without a gaming desk. These are specially made so that you can play for a longer period of time in a good posture while all your gaming accessories fit on your desk. Since there are dozens of variants available and you might lose the overview, we have researched the best gaming agency. After reading our suggestions, we hope you can make a good choice.


We took a close look at every best budget gaming Desk and ordered if there was not enough information available online. In addition, we never accept free products from suppliers, which keeps our reviews independent.

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Check out our review of the best gaming desk below

1- Piranha REGAL Corner Desk – Budget gaming desk the UK

This luxury gaming desk, which is also available in a lighter color, is equipped with everything you need as an experienced gamer. The desk is very spacious so you can easily store all your accessories, and there is also enough space to place your desktop on the floor without it getting in the way of your feet.

Although it will take some getting used to switching from a normal desk to a corner desk, it does have many advantages. Because it is made in this form, there are also three large drawers attached to it where you can easily store folders or accessories. The top drawer even has a lock, very handy if you need to hide secret items from your parents ;-).

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This desk for gamers is made of MDF and metal and has a height of 76 centimeters, which unfortunately is not adjustable. Before you buy this desk, you should therefore measure whether it fits your height and office chair.

The only drawback is that you have to assemble it yourself which takes a few hours, but if you don’t want this then you just buy a desk that costs three times as much? 😛

What we like

  • Beautiful design.
  • Lots of storage space.
  • The drawer can be locked.
  • Very very cheap.

Our verdict

This desk comes first because you have all the space you need and storage space. The price is not that bad, so it has also been pushed further up. It will take some getting used to if you have never used a corner desk before.

View the Piranha REGAL Corner Desk at the shops below.

2- VDD Gaming – Thomas

This high-quality game desk is adjustable in height and therefore a godsend if you are looking for one that exactly matches your body measurements. The height is variable between 75 and 125 centimeters so that the average person can always find a perfect in-between.

In addition, this is not a desk with an extreme angle, but with a very minimal angle. The red border completes it and ensures that it has a nice appearance. It just has no storage space which is a small downside.

According to online reviews that we have looked at, this desk is not difficult to assemble, at least a lot easier than the number one from just now.

What we like

  • Easy to build.
  • Adjustable in height.
  • Stable product

Our verdict

This desk has a smaller corner than the aforementioned corner desk. It is adjustable in height, so you can adjust it properly to prevent or reduce potential complaints.

View the VDD Gaming – Thomas at the shops below.

3- Piranha BELUGA Desk – Cheap gaming desk

At around €100, this gaming agency is the cheapest we’ve looked at in our research. Besides being very cheap, it turned out to be a perfect product if your budget is a bit on the low side.

The desk is spacious and you can put a lot on it. This is mainly due to the extendable keyboard holder, which allows you to store it under the desk. With the included manual you can assemble this product within an hour and enjoy playing your favorite games.

View the Piranha BELUGA Desk at the shops below.

What we like

  • Handy keyboard holder.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Very affordable.
  • Sturdy material.

Our verdict

This desk seems too good to be true for the amount, but it is very sturdy and has great space for all your belongings. In addition, it is easy to assemble and you can slide your keyboard away nicely.

4. SUDS – Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk

With its two-piece design, this gaming desk allows you to raise your screen so that you can see a little more to the front (about 11 centimeters), a bit in the same way as with reams of A4 paper, but a bit more luxurious. In addition to being adjustable in height between 74 and 108 centimeters, this also has a positive effect on your final posture, which is important to keep in mind if you want to game for hours on end.

In addition to all these cool options, it also includes wheels that allow you to easily drive it away if you need to reach it with the vacuum cleaner. We haven’t been able to find many online reviews about it, so we’d love to hear about it in the comments if you have an opinion :-).

View the SUDS – Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk at the shops below.

What we like

  • Adjustable height.
  • Sturdy wheels to move it.
  • Robust frame.

Our verdict

The SUDS desk is in a well-deserved place. It doesn’t contain very advanced additions, but it is an excellent and sturdy desk for the price.

What to look for as a gamer when choosing the best desk

Today, gaming has become a profession for some people. ESports has come a long way and is one of the more popular events among teenagers today. While it’s important to have a good gaming laptop or desktop, you should also have a good desk that you can play games on for hours on end. If you haven’t found a good gaming agency after following our research results, there are some criteria to keep in mind during your own research.

Storage space

If you have a lot of gaming accessories on your desk such as a headset or keyboard that takes up a lot of space, it is wise to choose a gaming desk that contains some form of storage space. In general, there are two types of storage spaces within these desks. One way is to store your things in drawers that are attached to the desk. Another way is to store it on the shelves that are under the desk and are specially designed for this.


Common materials for desks made specifically for gamers include chipboard, MDF, wood, and metal. There is no best material, you will have to make your own judgment about this as it is a matter of your own opinion.


Since people keep having problems with their posture, it is crucial that you can adjust a gaming desk precisely so that you can place your arms at the correct height and there is enough room for your knees. If you also adopt a good sitting position, you can prevent yourself from sitting in a wrong position and you prevent potential back problems after long gaming.

What is a gaming desk, and how does it differ from a normal desk?

A gaming desk is a desk that is specially made for the gamer, taking into account his or her thoughts while designing it. It is possible to store many different accessories on such a desk, which makes it ideal if you need to be able to place products such as a keyboard, headset, and perhaps speakers on your desk.

Advantages of a gaming desk

A gaming desk has many advantages compared to a regular desk.

  • They don’t necessarily have to be more expensive than a normal desk. Often they are even cheaper than a sophisticated customizable office desk.
  • You can store a lot of accessories on it as there is often enough space for it. This means you no longer have to store your belongings in a separate cupboard, for example.

Frequently asked questions about a gaming agency

If you have any questions about a gaming agency you are looking for, you can go to the most frequently asked questions on this subject.

What material should a gaming desk be made of?

It is not very important what material it is made of, but a combination of wood and metal is something that is often used. For example, a metal frame with a wooden top can be found on most desks.

Is it difficult to assemble the desk?

Most agencies have extensive instructions with which almost everyone can get this done within half an hour.

Is a corner desk good for gaming?

A corner desk is a desk shape that is often chosen by gamers, especially when there is limited space on the floor. Because the desk has an L-shape, this really opens up the room.

Is a standing desk suitable for gaming?

Of course, sitting all day is very bad for you, but standing all day is also not the best choice. We recommend getting a desk before gaming that you can sit at, and then taking breaks in between to stand for a while.

Do I also need a special chair for a gaming desk?

No that is not necessary. Any regular office chair will work just fine. If you want to experience the real experience of a pro gamer, you can of course always opt for a chair from Secretlab or Corsair, for example.

How do you rate the best gaming agency?

To determine the best-tested gaming desk, we assess different factors for each product. For example, we look at customer reviews, functionality, price, and other specific characteristics. We weigh these factors together in order to determine the best purchase.

Summary of the study

During this research, 7 products were examined, of which 4 came out of the test as good gaming desks with the Piranha REGAL Corner Desk being the best buy.